Would you like the guitar parts for your album or demo professionally created and recorded by a professional session guitarist in an analog and digital environment using the best of both worlds ?

From this year London based Francesco Lo Castro is offering, as online service, guitar sessions at very competitive prices both to signed and unsigned artists. Now you can add his talent to enhance your tracks and productions.

As he points out “The beauty of being an online session guitarist is the ability for work for and collaborate with artists from all over the world and that is a unique opportunity”

With almost 20 years of professional experience as touring and session guitarist Francesco can play in a variety of style ( pop, rock, acoustic, americana, classical, jazz, metal ) and has the right equipment to suit all taste and necessities both on acoustic and electric guitar.

Parts are recorded using the latest technologies in analog-digital conversion using Prism converters and adding analog warmth using BAE 1073 and A-Design preamps.

Tracks are recorded and always delivered in 2 formats :

  • Dry : To give the option to your production team to re-amp or manipulate them at will
  • Processed : via amps and effects to just drop files into your DAW

Equipment Includes :


1989 American Fender Stratocaster
Vanquish Francesco Lo Castro Model
Hofner New President
Taylor 412 CE Acoustic Guitar
Godin Duet Nylon Strings
Ibanez 335 Model


BAE Audio 1073 DMP
A-Design Pacifica Stereo Preamp
Prism Orpheus Digital Preamps


1974 Fender Princeton Reverb
Mark Bass Ac601
Guitar Rig 5 ( occasionally used as Amp Simulator )

Effects Pedal

A large variety of classic analog and digital pedals and ITB emulations


Flea 67 ( Faithful rendition of a Neumann 67, ideal for acoustic and classical guitar )
Peluso CMC6 Matched Pair for stereo recording, ideal for acoustic guitars
AEA N22 Ribbon Mic ( great in front of an amp cab for warmth )
Sure SM57 ( a classic for guitar recording )


Pro Tools 11
Cubase 8
Guitar Rig5


Prism Orpheus ( 44.100 to 192.000 Mhz ) 24bit or 32bit afloat

As University guitar skills lecturer, producer and mixing engineer of his own albums Francesco has in depth knowledge not only of the recording process but also has a well documented knowledge of mixing, using eq and overall creating classic guitar sounds. At the same time advanced programming skills and routing knowledge allows him to create and customize unique sounds to reflect and enhance fully the artist personality.

For an audio showreel just click here

For quotes and prices Contact us explaining the nature of your project and your individual requirements and we will tailor our offer to your specific needs.

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