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Francesco Lo Castro 's Chasing Beauty Back Cover

Chasing Beauty (CD)


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Flocastro Records

  1. Dresden
  2. Father
  3. Sahara
  4. As it is
  5. Love
  6. May 2011
  7. If I
  8. Embrace
  9. Dark Smiles
  10. Bunch of Houses and Wonderful Memories
  11. Nino and Dunia
  12. Peter Pan

Total run Time :  55.06

Beauty is about imperfections……….uniqueness that for some reasons we are the only ones able to see. It is about humanity and the incapacity to be able to control and perfect everything. Beauty is little unnoticed mistakes that make a music performance real, felt and in the moment. Music, for me, has always a close connection with the images a persons, a feeling or a situations has embedded in my memory and that is what I tried to describe in this album. Beauty is an idea, a feeling that we might never fully understand but which is worth chasing.

Francesco Lo Castro : Nylon Strings, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Piano,congas, tambourine and drums ( Track 8,11)
Fulvio Sigurta’ : Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Noa Bodner : Vocals, Harmonica
Dora Maria : Violin
Joe Fowler : Flute
Maurizio Minardi : Accordion, Sax
Svetlana Savvina : Doublebass
Dado Pasqualini : Percussions
Sophie Alloway : Drums ( Track 2,4,6,10 )
Saverio Gerardi : Drums ( Track 1,3,9,12)

All music written and arranged by Francesco Lo Castro.

Recorded and mixed by Francesco Lo Castro except S. Gerardi’s Drums recorded by Emanuele Flandoli at Charleston Musica, Rome, Italy