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Into the Unknown (CD)


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Flocastro Records

  1. Unspoken
  2. Actions and reactions
  3. Into the Unknown
  4. tell me what love is
  5. Jam Time
  6. tell me again
  7. Southern Waltz
  8. Madrid

The name of this collection of compositions could easily have been called “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”.
The driving concept behind this music is one of the exploration and the imagining of possibilities. The taking of risk, and the anticipation that goes hand in hand with the redefining of parameters. Our collective music experiences have brought us to a place where the only place to go is ‘into the unknown’. We sincerely hope you enjoy the trip as much as we have.

Francesco Lo Castro : Guitar
Eric DeFade: Flute, Tenor and Soprano Saxophones
Tony DePaolis: Doublebass
Tom Wendt: Drums

Produced by: Eric DeFade & Francesco Lo Castro

Recorded by: Danile May at Maywood Studio, Wexford PA

Mixed and Mastered by: Francesco Lo Castro

Cover Design: Bruno Bacci

Cover Image: Eriko Takefuji