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Francesco Lo Castro 's Songs for Duke back cover

Songs for Duke (Hi Res Digital Download)


Download the High Resolution .WAV album version ( Better audio quality that CD and Mp3s ). Once passed the check out you will receive within 24 hours an email with the link to  download the album and its artwork


Product Description


FloCastro Records
“For a duo, Bruno and Francesco produce a big warm sound on this delightful set of original
compositions inspired by Duke Ellington….highly recommended” – Jim Mullen
“Songs for Duke by Bruno D’Ambra and Francesco Lo Castro is a stunning CD. The album
captures the true spirit of Ellington with beautiful original melodies and superb interplay between
these two fine musicians” – Trudy Kerr Broadcaster BBC Radio
“Lo Castro and D’Ambra should leave their indelible mark on the British scene with this little
masterpiece!” Rich Railore – Rich Rainlore World of Music
London based Francesco Lo Castro and Bruno D’Ambra’s long time live concerts collaboration is
finally documented in this highly polished and mesmerising nylon string guitar/piano jazz duo
début release. On it they reveal an incredible chemistry between themselves culminating in a
relaxed and sophisticated approach to jazz harmony and melody, clearly influenced also by their
Italian upbringing.
The inspiration behind the release is ‘The Duke’ himself, Duke Ellington, and the love of his music.
The nine tracks of Songs For Duke are entirely originals, either composed individually or jointly.
These sometimes reference Ellington’s music directly, sometimes subtly, obliquely, and sometimes
only in that they were written for him in broadly his style, or simply inspired by emotions evoked in
the composers by his music. The compositions always strive for Ellington’s powerful sophistication
and his simple, direct approach to forms and melodies both thought out the themes and the
improvisation parts.