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Francesco Lo Castro 's While we hope and Dream back cover

While We Hope and Dream (CD)


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“From the opening song the trio display the emotional depth that puts the trio certainly in the upper
echelon of trio ensembles. The original music, composed by the trio is beautiful and perfectly suited for all
jazz lovers” Tony Mowad – Nationally Syndicated Jazz Radio DJ
“While We Hope and Dream is more than merely compelling, it’s charm and beauty keeping one
spellbound. Just relax and dream a little dream” Rich Rainlore – World of Music
While We Hope and Dream is the stunning new release from Lo Castro , Depaolis and DeFade. This
inviting collection of lyrically thoughtful compositions offers a crystalline acoustic quality that transports
the listener. From romantic and reflective to spirited and inventive, ‘While We Hope and Dream’ is an
emotional and provocative musical escape.
While We Hope and Dream is the result of a collaborative effort by the accomplished trio of Lo Castro,
Depaolis, and DeFade. The fluidly lyrical guitar work of London based recording artist Francesco Lo
Castro is artfully woven into each composition and provides the harmonic underpinnings for the melodic
motifs of the project. Veteran wind player Eric DeFade, who has dozens of recordings to his credit
including two Grammy award winning albums with jazz legend Nancy Wilson playfully interprets the
themes of the music and provides creative improvisations. The interaction between Lo Castro and DeFade
is supported and enhanced by the seasoned musicianship of bassist Tony DePaolis who is becoming
widely known in the U S for his versatility and compositional skill.
The group met while on tour with international singing sensation Patrizio Buanne and soon realized that
while they came from much different backgrounds they had a great deal in common in terms of musical
philosophy. The three share a dedication to conceptualizing melodic statements in their compositions in a
way that attempts to communicate with the audience rather than relying on technical feats and excessive
sound effects.
While We Hope and Dream is already enjoying favorable reviews and airplay in Europe,being described
as ‘poetic and magical’. The project is due for release in America in mid January and the trio is planning a
tour of the east coast of the US in May 2013.