“A producer has many roles that may include, but are not limited to, gathering ideas for the project, selecting songs or session musicians, proposing changes to the song arrangements, coaching the artist and musicians in the studio, controlling the recording sessions, and supervising the entire process through audio” ( Wikipedia )

“Personally to this I would include skills like a wide musical knowledge and taste, knowledge of sounds and how to get them, mixing and engineering skills and, most importantly, the capacity to understand and help the Artist to develop his/her vision, to understand the audience the artist is trying to communicate to and find a musical language and sound which, in a landscape of musical clones, is unique to the artist, so to emerge and sound individual, while appealing to the targeted audience” ( Francesco Lo Castro )

Music production is a serious matter to London based musician and producer Francesco Lo Castro, far from a commercial venture. It is an artistic exploration and the opportunity to push musical boundaries while having deep respect for the traditions and the key players who helped shaping it.
As He put it “I can’t avoid admiring people like Tony Visconti, Alan Parson, Trent Reznor, Al Schmitt, George Martin, and the list could go on and on, for what they contributed artistically and musically… they really got me into producing, mixing and engineering and that is why I did cover all these different roles with all my albums… today the producer and the mixing engineer are an extra band member, they are not just balancing levels”

On the back of his work as guitar player and multi-instrumentalist and with a strong reputation gained as result of the sonic qualities of his own albums, Francesco has been asked time and time again to produce other artists’music or to help them with their songwriting, composing and arranging. Given is knowledge and expertise he was also offered to teach Music Production on the BA Degree Course at the Academy of Music and Sound in Birmingham where he teaches students not only the technicalities of tracking, mixing and mastering but also, and more important, how to use them to project and enhance the artist vision and what he/she is trying to communicate.

Since this year Francesco has decided to open the door of his expertise to songwriters and bands in order to help them realize their musical and artistic vision. The service He provides includes the professional production of single tracks or entire albums, designed  to compete in the current music market.
At the same time, being Francesco a multi-instrumentalist and engineer, Artist can benefit from his other skills including helping the artist with the songwriting, arranging, performing ( dubbing also as session musician on a variety of instrument including guitar, bass, keyboards and advanced programming ) and the mixing process. This one man operation allows to keep prices competitive and the relation artist-producer tighter and immediately creative. Francesco also has access to a unique group of session musicians who can fulfill all the requirements of a modern music production.

Knowledge of both the analog world (mics, preamps, effects, instruments) and the digital worlds (DAWs, plugins, synths, Virtual Instruments) is a must today and Francesco can produce finalized projects either in his own London based project studio (songwriters) or in hired larger studios (bigger projects or bands). His own studio in London is a mixture of cutting edge new technologies and old style analog gear. This includes :

State of the art Prism analog-to-digital converters
BAE 1073  Analog Preamp
2 A-Design Pacifica Analog Preamps
8 Prism Orpheus Digital Preamps
TC Fireworx Effect Processing
Flea 67 Large Condenser Vocal Mic (faithful reproduction of a Neumann U67)
AEA N22 Ribbon Mic
Peluco CMC6 Stereo Pensil Mics
Sure SM57
ITN Box state of the art Eq, Compression and effect plugins
A variety of virtual and real instruments
All handled by an ultra silent computer system specifically designed for music production sporting Solid State Hard Drives, 16GBRAM and i7 quad-core processing

So if you are a songwriter looking for help or an artist/band looking for a “sound” get in touch.
For quotes and prices contact us so we can discuss your individual project and ideas so to tailor our offer to your specific needs

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