During the pandemic I decided to use all the experience I accumulated teaching for many years at Degree Level and started a project, a series of lessons, called “The Learning Guitar Series”. They are aimed at anybody who wants to understand better the architecture and vocabulary of music and of the guitar in particular.
I called it a “Vocabulary” because the analogy with spoken language is an appropriate one, and in the series I discuss what can be defined as “The alphabet”, “the Words” we can create from it and then how to built “Sentences”. I also discuss “how to study” in order to achieve maximum retention using muscle memory and photographic memory. For this reasons new lessons are posted in intervals of roughly three weeks so to give you the chance to dig into each individual topic for long enough. The underlying philosophy is to teach you how music works rather than teaching you a specific genre as it is my believe, confirmed by the hundreds of students I successfully trained, that, once you have a vocabulary, you can play any style of music you wish to play. The lessons are accompanied by many hours of FREE videos which are available from my YOUTUBE channel, backing tracks and hundreds of pages of PDFs, some of which are free and some of which can be individually purchased on this page for a low price. Alternatively I have set up a PATREON page to those of you who want to support this project by subscribing to it, paying a small monthly fee, and have access to all that I publish.
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L016 Harmony and Theory

In this lesson we discuss some introductory concepts of harmony and theory. From a practical point of view we will establish and detail the “harmonisation of a Ionian Scale” (how …

L001 – L015 discount BUNDLE

The complete CAGED system studies applied to Major (Ionian) Scales, arpeggios and chords. All the lesson from 1 to 15 combined into a single discounted PDF ( 105 pages ). …

L015 Shape of G Major (Chords Studies)

In this lesson we discussing the 5th and last shape in the series. The shape of “G” Major and its related chords. This concludes the first chapter of Learning Guitar …

L014 Shape of G (Arpeggios Studies)

The shape of G major Arpeggio, exercises, shape connection and more. Here is the free Video Lesson associated to this PDF

L013 Shape of G (Scales Studies)

Scale, intervals, connections with the other shapes and more. Here is the free Video Lesson associated with this PDF

L012 Shape of A (Chords studies)

Sounds and chords voicing we can derive from the shape of A and more. Here is the free Video Lesson associated with this PDF

L011 Shape of A (Arpeggios Studies)

In this PDF we look at the shape of A arpeggios, connections with the other shapes and more. Here is the free Video Lesson associated with this PDF

L010 Shape of A (Scale Studies)

Scale, intervals, triads studies and more. Here is the Video lesson associated with this PDF

L009 Shape of C (Chords studies)

A look at the major chords we can extract from the shape of C and more. Here is the free Video Lesson associated with this PDF